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The Lost For Words Bookshop by Stephanie Butland

Lost For Words: This bookshop keeps many secrets

Loveday Cardew works in a bookshop owned by Archie.

Working in a bookshop is perfect for Loveday because she is a shy almost introverted person through no fault of her own.

THE LOST FOR WORDS BOOKSHOP is a lovely read and will make you jealous of Loveday’s job, but not of the heartaches she keeps hidden.

Besides the books and the bookshop, the characters in THE LOST FOR WORDS BOOKSHOP are the best, especially Archie.  He is a bit on the unorganized and fly-by-night type of person, but he loves his job, loves Loveday, and loves how Loveday helps him keep the shop going.

Loveday is lovable, sweet, and a bit on the odd side.

Nathan is very interesting and very sweet to Loveday.

Rob was annoying and unlikeable.

The secondary characters worked well with the main characters and added mystery and tension.

As THE LOST FOR WORDS BOOKSHOP goes back and forth in time, a few mysteries and secrets about Loveday’s childhood are revealed.

Her family history definitely added to her closed-mouthed-about-her-feelings, lost-for-words personality.

If you like books, bookshops, wonderful characters, a bit of mystery, and secrets kept, THE LOST FOR WORDS BOOKSHOP is for you.

I’m sure most readers fall into most of those categories, so you won’t want to miss reading this charming, alluring read.

The cover itself draws you in.

ENJOY when you read this book.

There are some heartaches in it, but for the most part it is a lovely, bookish read. 5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.

Boardwalk Summer by Meredith Jaeger

Mari, Violet, and Ricardo have a connection.

No one knew about the connection until Mari decided to do some research.

BOARDWALK SUMMER smoothly goes back and forth from 1940 to 2010.

Violet is married, enters a beauty pageant in 1940, wins the pageant, but then relinquishes the win because only unmarried women are allowed to enter.  She also gives up the crown because her abusive, controlling husband was furious.  Violet then does a few unlikely and out of character things.

Mari is an unmarried mother in 2010 who works as a waitress even though she has a history degree.  Her history degree has her uncovering information about Violet and the history of a gazebo where her grandparents met while dancing.  The gazebo is currently slated to be torn down, but Mari just can’t let that happen.  Her research leads to unpleasant secrets about the connection between Violet and Ricardo as well as many other family secrets.

Ricardo is Mari’s grandfather who used to perform on the boardwalk. He and Violet were friends.

BOARDWALK SUMMER was a beautiful read for me.  The story line and the characters are heartwarming and unique.

Mari was precious along with her entire family.  Violet was sweet, but naive.  You can’t help but feel pangs of pity as well as love for both of them.

Historical fiction fans, those that enjoy family sagas, and anyone who loves an endearing story about families and their family history will enjoy BOARDWALK SUMMER.

Don’t miss reading Ms. Jaeger’s newest gem.  Loved it.  

Tissues needed not for sadness, but for the happiness I felt for the characters.  5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher and NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Dreams of Falling by Karen White

Larkin needed to come home from New York because her mother was missing.

What she found was that over the years a lot of things were missing and quite a few things were kept secret.

Larkin found secrets about her mother and her family at every turn. 

When she asked why she wasn’t told, the answer was ignored or she was told to wait until her mother, Ivy, wakes up and to ask her.

Larkin wondered how long she would have to wait for her mother to wake up.  She also wondered how long until she found out everything.  

Ivy had been found near death at the old homestead, Carrowmore, underneath a rotting staircase.

Carromore had been a favorite childhood place of her nother and her friends where they put “wishes on ribbons” into the opening of a tree.

As the book continued, the plot thickened, and Larkin kept finding out more and more about what had been kept from her and how some close family members were not as they appeared.

DREAMS OF FALLING was a bit confusing at first in the character department.

It took me a while to figure out who belonged to who and what their connections were.  The connections became more tricky and quite intriguing as things were revealed.

We learn of the secrets kept and of the lives of the main characters by going back to 1951 and then returning to 2010.  I really enjoyed seeing the three friends in their youth.  Their current lives didn’t seem as exciting, but their youth and family history as with all of us had a major influence on their lives now and the paths they had chosen.

DREAMS OF FALLING started out not feeling like Karen White’s usual books because of the confusing character problem, but once the book got going, the familiar writing, the marvelous story line, the Southern charm, and warm characters made its appearance and made the story line completely wonderful and enjoyable as always.

DREAMS OF FALLING is another marvelous treat.

Despite the confusion with the characters at the beginning, DREAMS OF FALLING is another Karen White masterpiece that pulls you in and keeps you loving each turn of the page.

I hope you enjoy it too. 5/5

I received an Advanced Reader of this book.  It was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.

Lying In Wait by Liz Nugent

Was his life and his family made of secrets?  That is what it seemed like to Laurence.

Laurence found out that his father had killed someone because she was blackmailing him.  What his parents did with the body and the fact that Andrew killed a woman was a huge secret his father had to keep.  This secret took its toll on Andrew and Laurence.

His mother actually was not fazed by it perhaps because of a deep, dark secret from her childhood that neither Laurence or Andrew knew about and which was another secret that didn’t bother Lydia.

Their home and this totally dysfunctional family was a house of secrets and lies.

And the lies continued as Lydia thought of ways to hide what happened and how to protect herself.  Lydia was a very cunning woman who made sure everything benefited her.

LYING IN WAIT had a sinister tone from the start, and it continued to grow in intensity and suspense with a chilling ending.

Ms. Nugent has written an engaging, can-this-really-be happening, pull-you-in psychological thriller.

If you enjoy a book that has you biting your nails and wondering what other evil deeds Lydia is planning, LYING IN WAIT will be for you.  5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by NetGalley and Gallery/Scout Press.

Beach House Reunion by Mary Alice Monroe

Two women coming home for two different reasons to the place they loved and the place with many memories.

Linnea had finished college, and Cara was coming home to be with family.

Linnea came home from college and had no choice but to return, and really didn’t want to be in her childhood home with all the drama and the rules.

Cara came home because her husband had passed away a few years earlier, she adopted a friend’s baby, and she wanted to have her daughter grow up where she grew up with family and summer beach memories.

Both women needed something, and with Linnea being Cara’s niece, the problem was solved because Linnea was going to be Cara’s nanny.  That would save Linnea from staying with her parents all summer and would be a warm remembrance of her childhood times at the beach house, Primrose Cottage.   Cara would get to spend time with her niece to catch up and have someone to finally help her so she wasn’t alone.

BEACH HOUSE REUNION was a very pleasant, heartwarming read that made you want to for the most part be in the Rutledge family and in Primrose Cottage as well as Sullivan’s Island.

Everything about the book was comfy and inviting.

The characters and the beachy setting were quite pleasant.

Learning about loggerheads, surfing, seeing the love between family members and others, and joining in the family fun are some of the reasons you will want to read this book.

I actually want to learn more about the sea turtles (loggerheads). It sounded fascinating, and the excitement the characters had about them had me wanting to learn more.

BEACH HOUSE REUNION is an easy, sweet read that will be a perfect addition to your summer reading list. 5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher and NetGalley in return for an honest review.


The Endless Beach by Jenny Colgan

Flora quit her job as an attorney in London and moved back with her family on the Isle of Mure in the Scottish Highlands to work in the bakery.

Much to her surprise, her boss, Joel, decided to join her.

Flora didn’t know what to expect, but she didn’t expect love.  She finds out Joel had a difficult childhood in foster care and doesn’t want to open up about it.  That is a secret Joel keeps, a secret that causes problems for him as well as Flora, but this definitely adds interest to the story line.

THE ENDLESS BEACH sounds like a wonderful place to vacation and relax.  I don’t think I would want to live there because of the remoteness, but the simple, stress free life would be lovely.

We follow Flora, Joel, Saif and Flora’s brothers as lives, interests, secrets, and personalities are revealed.  Each character had a story – some sad. some happy.

It took a few pages to get everyone connected and to grab my interest, but the bakery, the whales, and the atmosphere on the Isle of Mure made it a very appealing read.

If you enjoy being in a quaint, lovely place and enjoy visiting with unforgettable, lovable characters, THE ENDLESS BEACH is a book you won’t want to miss. 4/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.

Paper Ghosts

Dementia, a photographer, murders…do they all point to and describe to Carl?   Is Grace wrong about still thinking that Carl murdered her sister and other women even though he was acquitted of murder?

Grace has been looking for her sister and the person who took her and killed her since she disappeared on her way to her babysitting job.

Grace believes Carl took her sister, and she had a plan on how to trap Carl into confessing and leading her to where her sister is by taking Carl on a ten-day trip across Texas trying to jolt his memory.

Carl is smarter than Grace had anticipated, and her job is more difficult than she expected.  Grace also seemed a bit disorganized for all the research and planning she did.

Carl was frightening simply because he didn’t seem stable, but did he act the way he did and treat Grace the way he did because he really did have dementia or was he two steps ahead of her for some other reason?

I would have been afraid to be alone with Carl had I been Grace.

Not knowing what to expect next would have had me taking Carl back immediately or not even attempting this trip in the first place.  🙂

PAPER GHOSTS is very well written, a bit evasive, and chilling.  Ms. Heaberlin weaves an absorbing tale with intriguing characters.  Her detailed writing is marvelous.

If you think you would enjoy a stressful, not sure why Grace is doing what she is doing “ride,” you won’t be disappointed in the twists and turns and situations that come up.

PAPER GHOSTS is my first book by Ms. Heaberlin, and she definitely knows how to pull you along and keep the suspense going.  Dementia was also addressed.

ENJOY if you read this book.  4/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.