Watching Edie by Camilla Way

Heather and Edie.  Friends since high school but total opposites.

Heather was the studious, compliant one. Edie was not interested in school and was rebellious.

Heather and Edie met in high school and went their separate ways, but did they? 

Heather showed up at Edie’s flat many years later and noticed that Edie was pregnant, but Edie sent her awayEdie wonders how Heather found her and if Heather had been watching her for years. 

After Edie’s daughter is born, Heather appears again but Edie let her stay this time to take care of the baby because she couldn’t handle her new responsibility.    Both girls came from unstable families. 

 Ms. Way was masterful in her organization of the book and also kept me on edge the entire time I was reading. You never knew what Heather was going to do, and you feared for Edie as well as feared for Heather herself.

The theme and mystery of what happened that tore the friends apart was quite cleverly weaved into the story and kept from the reader until the very end.  I do have to say that I really didn’t like either of the main characters. They both made terrible choices in their lives.

I actually was fearful about many of the situations they involved themselves in Most of the situations were unsafe and poor choices on the part of the characters, and these choices had me nervously turning the pages.

Ms. Way addressed many social issues such as drinking by teenagers, drug abuse, domestic abuse, and mental illness.

I wasn’t sure at first if I was going to like the book because the characters definitely led risky lives and made me nervous.   I didn’t put the book down, though, because I wanted to know what became of the two main characters.

WATCHING EDIE definitely is a tense, but a wellwritten debut. 4/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.

Behind Closed Doors by B. A. Paris

Jack Angel….. what a gentle name, but what a terrifying person.

Jack and Grace have what appears to be the perfect marriage and Grace the perfect life not having to work, painting, cooking perfect meals, and having perfect dinner parties.  All is not what it appears, though.

Ms. Paris takes the reader on a terrifying ride with the three main characters….Grace, Jack, and Millie.

She has a writing style that draws you in and makes the characters and situations very real.

Ms. Paris is so good I could just feel something was wrong the minute Grace met charming, dashing, wealthy Jack.  I was extremely frightened for Grace as I was reading and feared for her every time Jack had planned one of his horrific deeds.

I couldn’t believe someone could be as evil as Jack.

If you truly want to hate a character, Jack is your man.

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS was quite intense and had such an extremely scary plot that you won’t be able to read it except in broad daylight.

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS is a chilling nightmare, but also a must read.  5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation in return for an honest review.

The House Between Tides by Sarah Maine

 From 1910 to 2010, The Isle of Skye, inherited castles, and human bones.
THE HOUSE BETWEEN TIDES takes us back to 1910 when Theo and Beatrice Blake spent their summers in Muirlan House in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and then to present day when Hetty inherits the ruins of the house with hopes of turning it into a hotel.

Theo and Beatrice Blake didn’t do too much to make Muirlan House a home so when Hetty arrived to see her inheritance many years later, she was taken by surprise to see it in ruins and more surprised to find bones buried under the rotting floorboards.

THE HOUSE BETWEEN TIDES was a lovely read for me especially because of the setting.  I enjoyed going back and forth in time to see how the characters lived then and how they lived now.

The characters themselves were interesting because of the jobs they had on the estate in 1910 and present-day Hetty who really had no clue how to live in this remote area with peat as the heating source, the constant rain, and having to be mindful of the tides.

The connection Hetty had to her ancestral family was not very strong, but strong and interesting enough to want to find things out about the family’s history.  And what a history it is.  All she has for information, though, are photographs, paintings and, of course, the ruins of Muirlan House.  Will these bits of evidence reveal the answers to whose bones were found as well as the mystery of who Theo Blake was and what his connection is to the girl in his earlier photos?

THE HOUSE BETWEEN TIDES is a very captivating read. The detailed, marvelous descriptions of the life and the setting are wonderful.  You could just feel yourself at the social gatherings, feel the rain, feel the tension between characters, and feel the dreariness of the landscape.

If you enjoy traveling back and forth in time, mysteries, finding old letters, love affairs, and figuring out family connections, you will love THE HOUSE OF TIDES.

We also can’t forget that alluring, eerie, pull-you-in cover.  It definitely sets the stage for the book.

ENJOY if you read THE HOUSE OF TIDES.   A marvelous summer read or any-time-of-the-year read.  5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.

After Anna by Alex lake

A parents’ worst nightmare….four little words:  “Your Child Is Missing.”

Anna disappeared without a trace as school was being let out for the day.

Anna’s mother, Julia, was late picking her up and blamed herself.  She and other family members were hoping that another family member had picked her up.  Well….someone did pick her up, but they never brought her home.

Anna was missing for a week, and then surprisingly returned.  Very strange in a kidnapping case, but she was safe and unharmed.  But was she and were other family members really safe in such an odd turn of events?

AFTER ANNA had me on the edge of my seat as the kidnapper narrated what was happening and as we flashed back to the ongoing police investigation and daily lives of the characters.

AFTER ANNA is a must read for anyone who loves thrillers, chilling situations, a unique story line, and an evil, manipulating villain.

Mr. Lake did a marvelous job of keeping me guessing even though a few folks said they guessed right away who the kidnapper was.

I would consider this one of the top thrillers I have read this year. As I neared the end, I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to see the outcome.

ENJOY if you read AFTER ANNA.  5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation in return for an honest review.

All Is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker

A small town, a perfect town, a town with secrets, and a town with the not so perfect residents they think they are.

The night Jenny Kramer is attacked is the night that the town gets turned upside down along with her family.  Jenny’s father is obsessed with finding her attacker, and the town can’t believe something like this could happen in Fairview, Connecticut.

The horrible attack on Jenny brought about a decision her parents had to make concerning a drug that would erase Jenny’s complete memory of the attack.

Mr. and Mrs. Kramer were at odds about the drug, but they did agree to go ahead with the treatment.

Along with the treatment comes a psychiatrist, Dr. Forrester, who administered the treatment as well as the doctor who provided therapy for the entire family.

The author definitely expands the reader’s knowledge about psychiatric therapy as Dr. Forrester interviews Jenny, her family, and a character named Sean.

We the reader follow the investigation and question who really is the attacker.

ALL IS NOT FORGOTTEN is a powerful, amazingly written read.  The story line is highly developed, carried out in an organized fashion, and gives the reader a lot to think about.

You will be frustrated at first because you don’t know who the narrator is, but it becomes apparent and is revealed a few chapters in.

By chapter 18 you will be biting your fingernails and be on the edge of your seat with the suspense, possible findings, and seeing how cunning and evil some of the characters are.

Reading ALL IS NOT FORGOTTEN was a definite treat on an intellectual level, and the approach to the book’s subject was unique.

ALL IS NOT FORGOTTEN was a tense, stay-with-you psychological thriller and will make you wonder if folks are really who they appear to be.  4/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation in return for an honest review.


A Certain Age by Beatriz Williams

Falling in love with a younger man while you are still married and then having a younger woman come along wasn’t the best thing to happen to Mrs. Theresa Marshall.

A CERTAIN AGE began with an excerpt from a murder trial then moved to alternating chapters and told of the life of high society and how they adapted social protocol to whatever they wanted.

We follow Mrs. Marshall, Mr. Marshall, Captain Rofrano, and Miss Fortescue in the scandalous antics they were all involved in. Decisions had to be made and Sophie Fortescue had the most difficult decision, even though her father was the one that would be making the decision about who she was to marry.

Ms. Williams again perfectly portrays the time period and how women in wealthy families really didn’t have a choice about choosing their spouse. After the marriage proposal was made, an investigation into the Fortescue family adds another layer to the book. The Fortescues are not who they say they are, and a house that Mr. Rofrano grew up in was part of their secret.

Once the secret was revealed and Sophie Fortescue was more outspoken, the book heated up with an ending that was oh so good with an unexpected twist. 

I enjoyed the characters, but Mrs. Marshall and Mr. Fortescue were my least favorites.  Mr. Fortescue was too controlling, and Mrs. Marshall was too sneaky for me.

A CERTAIN AGE was beautifully written as all of Ms. Williams’ books even though it took me a while to get connected, but it was still enjoyable.

The book’s cover is stunning, and the book is patterned after an opera titled Der Rosenkavalie

ENJOY if you read A CERTAIN AGE.  4/5 

Liar Liar M. J. Alridge

Four separate, deadly fires all within two days’ time.  Was it one person or was it a team?  The police department was baffled.

Each fire was planned and carefully calculated with deaths occurring in three of the four fires and the horrible terror that accompanies the thoughts of how each person died.

The arsonist was elusive and clever, and the police force wasn’t able to apprehend who did it or find similarities when it came to who and why that specific house was chosen as the target.  Helen Grace, top police woman, was always top-notch at her job, but nothing good was happening with this case.

LIAR LIAR is the first book I have read by M. J. Arlidge and I enjoyed the brief chapters, the characters, and the tension that built as the book continued.  M. J. Arlidge skillfully worded each sentence and situation and made the fear and frustration caused by the fires very real.

LIAR LIAR was an anxious, edgy read simply because of the frightening subject, and it was a non-stop read.  Every time I thought I knew who the arsonist was, I was wrong.

Reading LIAR LIAR would be best during the daylight hours.  The ending is outstanding, and quite a surprise.   

You will also find out the meaning of the title, which had me puzzled until the end.  

ENJOY!!  5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.