Chance Harbor by Holly Robinson

Eve, Zoe, Catherine, and Willow.  Grandmother, mother, daughters, and granddaughter all caught up in family secrets.


All four women had a lot going on over the years that made today difficult for each one of them.

Join in the suspense as well as the family saga that will pull at your heart strings but make you want to be with the characters.

CHANCE HARBOR takes us through the years with Eve, Zoe, Catherine, and Willow. Willow was my favorite. She was sweet but wise.  Zoe made me crazy.  Eve and Catherine were characters that held the story together as secrets unraveled and brought the characters closer, made them more understanding, or simply helped them find themselves.

All four women had wonderful stories to tell and secrets to reveal. Secrets both good and bad. I couldn’t decide whose secret I liked the most. 🙂  I think I am going to go with Eve’s being the best.  🙂
Ms. Robinson has crafted a beautiful story with unforgettable characters and with wonderful descriptions of Prince Edward Island that take you there sharing the characters’ experiences and pain as well as their little bit of the happiness.

I truly enjoyed CHANCE HARBOR, and any women’s fiction fan which includes me will fall in love with this book and its characters. The setting as well as the warmth and the vividness of the characters pull you in and keep you turning the pages.

Ms. Robinson  has a way with words that has you not wanting the characters’ stories or the book to end. 


This was my first book by this author even though this isn’t her first book. 

Absolutely recommend this book. Read it and ENJOY. 5/5


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