How About This For A Fun Thanksgiving?

Gobble, Gobble From New York City

My son always surprises me.

He wasn’t able to come home for Thanksgiving, so I went to his place.  Needless to say a bachelor doesn’t have all the pans and supplies for preparing a Thanksgiving feast.  🙂

I was hesitant to head to New York for a Thanksgiving Celebration under those bare conditions, but my son said: “No worries, Mom, I have a surprise for you.”

My son, Mark, the same son who vlogged about my reviews of books set in Paris a month or so ago, made reservations on a Thanksgiving Cruise.

Here we are, and we had a wonderful time.

First leg of the trip;

This is the ferry that took us from Hoboken to Pier 79.

This is the dock at Chelsea Pier 61where we boarded The Lady Celestial.

 This is the my son who made it all possible.  🙂


This is the dining room before it filled up with guests.

This is the menu and the sights we saw and stopped at.

Lady Liberty!!

One of many skyline shots.

It was beautiful weather and a wonderful day!!

I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving.


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