Things We Have In Common by Tasha Kavanagh

We meet Yasmin, Alice, and a man that Yasmin sees lurking at school and around town and who she thinks is going to abduct Alice.

Yasmin is a misfit and tries to win Alice’s friendship at all costs. Alice is a popular girl at school.  The supposed abductor’s name is Samuel and is very odd.

When Yasmin actually meets Samuel, she sees him in a different light and wants to spend time with him and his dog, Bea.

I felt bad for Yasmin just because of how she worked so hard to befriend her classmates and Samuel and how she didn’t even fit in at home.

Alice and her friends were quite mean to Yasmin and made it difficult to understand why she tried so hard to get their attention.

THINGS WE HAVE IN COMMON is written with Yasmin speaking to Samuel even when she isn’t with him.  That was a bit odd and a bit confusing.

When Alice does go missing, Yasmin continues to befriend Samuel even though someone else has been accused of the abduction, and Yasmin won’t mention Samuel to the police.  She seems to have some obsession with him and wants to protect him.

The ending was just as interesting as the rest of book and carried the same oddity along with Yasmin who will continue to haunt you even after you turn the last page.  

Even though THINGS WE HAVE IN COMMON was not a normal read for me, my rating is a 4/5 because of the different writing style and the creativity needed to carry out the plot.

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.



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